Kennebec Lake Parkland Trails

For those who would like to take a Hike the Kennebec Wilderness Trails are open. They are "Wilderness" trails due to the sometimes rough, uneven and steep grade. Professional signage for trailheads, trail intersection signs and directional arrows have been ordered, but all of the colour-coded trails have been cleared and marked. The parking areas and signs will be installed in the coming weeks, and the trails will benefit by getting some foot traffic over them. A link on the Central Frontenac website ( Explore, Sports & Recreation) will bring up the map. This is a work in progress.

Important Trail Notes:
No motorized vehicles, camping, hunting or fires
Use Caution, uneven terrain, unsupervised
Dogs must be on a leash at all times
Daylight use only
Please pack out what you bring in.
(CF Bylaw #2018-40)
Carry a Cell phone, hike with a buddy
Carry water
Proper hiking footwear is recommended due to terrain
Do not approach wildlife— Bear, Moose, Deer, Coyote, Fox, Wild Turkeys, Porcupines are known to inhabit these woods from time to time. They will try to avoid you if they know you are coming.

These trails are cared for by community volunteers. Please help us keep them clean and enjoyable for all.