KLA Executive

Kennebec Lake Association- 2018/2019

This page will be updated as soon as the executive has had its first meeting. In the meantime, see Election of Executive 2019/2020 (Nominating Committee)

Roles & Responsibilities

Mandated Positions

Chair- Kevin LaPorte
Treasurer- Roy Beechey
Lake Steward- currently vacant
Secretary- Sandra Dunham

Other Supported Positions

Vice Chair- Doc Maiorino
Past Chair- Terry Kennedy
Webmaster- Noreen Dertinger
Executive members- Judy Kennedy, Gord Brown, Carrie LaPorte, Peter Smiley, Gloria Smiley, Jack Nicholson, Bill Wong, Charmaine Chartier, Gabriel Chartier

Additional Members-

Committees & Activities
(Leaders in brackets)

Environment/Ecology: Stewardship Working Group

Chair- currently vacant
Water Testing- Peter & Gloria Smiley
Lake Etiquette Brochure- Judy & Terry Kennedy
Safe Boating Brochure- Peter & Gloria Smiley
Lake Stewardship Plan- Gord Brown, Noreen Dertinger, Gray & Aileen Merriam, Charmaine & Gabriel Chartier
Love Your Lake- Gord Brown
Beaver Bafflers- Peter & Gloria Smiley
Turtle Tally/Loon Watch- Noreen Dertinger
Seedlings for Shorelines- Gord Brown & Kevin LaPorte
Natural Edge Program (Under consideration)- Gord Brown
Kennebec Wilderness Trails- Gord Brown, Kevin LaPorte, Gabriel Chartier


Newsletter- Judy Kennedy, Gloria Smiley, Charlotte DuChene, Aileen Merriam, Charmaine Chartier
Welcome Packages- Judy Kennedy
KLA Website- Noreen Dertinger
Facebook- Carrie & Kevin LaPorte
Winter Activity Day (Feb 16, 2019)- Gord Brown, Carrie LaPorte, Terry & Judy Kennedy, Charmaine & Gabriel Chartier, Maurice Hines, Jamie French
Canada Day/US Flotilla & BBQ- Judy & Terry Kennedy (host), Peter & Gloria Smiley, Roy Beechey & Doris Johnson, Doc & Sheila Maiorino, Carrie & Kevin LaPorte
Calendars- Noreen Dertinger, Charlotte DuChene, Carrie LaPorte, Sandra Dunham

Administration/External Relations

Central Frontenac Twp- Kevin LaPorte & Doc Maiorino
Lake Networking Group- Kevin LaPorte, Terry & Judy Kennedy, Doc Maiorino
Friends of Arden- Judy & Terry Kennedy, Gord Brown, Jack Nicholson, Charmaine & Gabriel Chartier
Friends of Salmon River- Judy & Terry Kennedy, Noreen Dertinger
KLA Clothing- Judy Kennedy, Charmaine & Gabriel Chartier
Annual General Meeting- Judy Kennedy, Roy Beechey, Gloria Smiley, Sandra Dunham, Gabriel & Charmaine Chartier, Carrie & Kevin LaPorte, Marg Smith
Kennebec Rec. Cte.- Jack Nicholson, Gord Brown, Terry & Judy Kennedy
CF Septic Re-Inspection program- Terry Kennedy
FOCA- Terry Kennedy
Quinte Conservation- Terry Kennedy
OPP- Kevin LaPorte