Kennebec Lake nature sightings

The loon are back! Terry Kennedy submitted the first loon sighting report of 2019 on Easter Sunday.

On Sunday, May 5th three adult loons were spotted swimming in the narrow section of the lake, East of the bridge.
At first things seemed peaceful but evolved into a fight between two female loons fighting over a male loon and the
territory. The event was captured on video and can be viewed at

Some of the wild spring flowers, such as Trumpet Lilies, Liverwort, Violets, Trilliums and more are now flowering.

Please share your sightings and photos (attachments should be kept at less than 20mb per message. Emails can be sent to

This summer a large American Eel was spotted in Kennebec Lake by Jill Mark. She said" you may also want to report that there is a very large American eel in this lake. I saw it around 7:30 this am along the south bank feeding. I am located where the trailers are close to the west end of Kennebec. This eel was a good 5 feet with a large head."